Carlos Santamaria -CAMPAIGN PLATFORM


Increase industry participation in Workforce Development & Career Technical Education and Internships. Expand Private - Community College Partnership.


Address the homelessness impacting our county by launching a "Private Sector Solution" in Workforce Development & Career Technical Educational Programs. Filling industry's high demand for technical - skilled jobs within our workforce. 


My goal is to provide balance within the California Senate by working effectively to eliminate the Super Majority that is currently in the State Legislature. Negligent laws and statewide policies are being "rubber-stamped" against the will of California Voters.  This unchecked power by the current leadership must be changed. 


Small businesses are the lifeblood and primary source of our tax base and growth of our economy.  Our present statewide leadership has demonstrated that they are "anti-business" in most every way possible.  The current unnecessary Lock Down of our economy and small businesses has devastated many businesses and the lives of families in California.  We need leadership that understands and supports small business rather than destroy them. 

I am a Pro-Business Leader who will create workforce development programs that support & grow local and district wide businesses in providing a Career Pathway for students and incumbent workers.