Meet Carlos Santamaria


My mission is to protect the civil liberties of the people and to help rebuild the California Senate to serve the people. 

I understand the challenges that Americans experience every day because I worked in the private sector and was a business owner for over 30 years. One of the areas of my expertise is energy efficiency and workforce development (developing programs that get students & incumbent workers jobs)


After many years working and having my own successful business in the private sector, I am committed to representing the people and businesses of District 3 as your next  California State Senator. 

Being involved in and as the Vice-Chair of the Napa County Republican Party for four years and having volunteered for over 15-years with a number of industry groups as well as with the Yountville Veterans Home,  I've learned to appreciate and value the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

It's a daily job to maintain the balance between the government and the people, and as an elected representative of California, I'll make sure that the liberties of the people are a priority & protected.

I graduated from El Camino Community College with an Associates Arts Degree with a focus in Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration. 


Having worked for large commercial real estate companies for most of my career in many leadership roles, I know first-hand what it takes to lead people successfully, solve problems & work with individuals from all walks of life.


Throughout my earlier days of having a young family and working full time, I was successful at obtaining my undergraduate Business Degree from Saint Mary's College in Moraga and my EMBA from the University of San Francisco. 

I am committed to developing and creating more training program opportunities & internships in workforce development ensuring we fill the much needed, high demand skilled technical jobs that industry requires.


I also am committed to increasing public awareness of the principles of our God-given inalienable rights provided in the United States Constitution.